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What You need to know about it,
and how to save money when doing it


Don’t panic! There's no need to upgrade your systems.
At least not yet, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Such claims are scare tactics, used by unethical providers to trick you into upgrading.

Despite the claims of some companies, BT will not be switching off your service next month. Or the month after that. Or even into next year, come to think of it.

Fundamental changes are coming to fixed lines in the UK. On the 31st of December 2025, BT will disconnect the traditional telephone network. Once this happens, all telephony will run through the internet. As a result, businesses won't be able to use digital or analogue lines anymore.

Many businesses have already made the switch to internet-based telephony. Many haven't, however. Whilst there are advantages for a business making the switch early, it's not always the right time. In which case, we can still help you reduce your costs with traditional telephony. And offer you a better customer experience at the same time.

We'll give you a free review of your current setup. Then compare that against alternative internet-based phones. That way, you'll know exactly what to expect when you're ready to make the switch.


If you want to stick with what you’ve got for now, we’re well equipped with the expertise to help you.

We go through BT Wholesale when it comes to sourcing services. Which means you get to enjoy the resilience and reliability of their existing network. 

At Crimzon, we give you the freedom to make the switchover when you’re ready.

So, we take over your existing services on a 30-day rolling contract. All the while, providing you with the first-class service our customers enjoy as standard.

With us, there’s no confusion.

We always advise your best option. Plus, your costs are always delivered in one easy-to-read bill.


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We provide the best mobile phones packages for your business, structured in the most cost-effective way. And a full suite of broadband services. Together with every telecoms service you could ever need. Including internet-based telephone systems, landlines, and mobile services. That all come with a first-class level of customer care as standard.

We’ll save you money where we can. Whilst never compromising on quality. Be it in what we offer, or the way that we deliver it.

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