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How much are your 'free' mobile phones costing you?


How much are your “free” mobile phones costing you?

Do a little digging. You’ll probably find they're a lot more expensive than you think.

For example, do you need unlimited data if 50Gb is cheaper... and provides more data than you'll ever need?

Then think about overseas travel. Ever had a bill that cost more than the entire trip?

At work, what does it cost when a staff member leaves their laptop connected to their hotspot?
Then watches Netflix without realising they're not on wifi?

Thinking about work, when was the last time you called your network to discuss an issue? How much time did it take? Did they even resolve your problem?

Call us and we’ll demonstrate the true cost of your “free” phones. Then help you decide how much data you realistically need. Plus, how you can minimize the cost of foreign travel. As well as what to do if you fall victim to an accidental shock bill.

Mobile phones are an essential part of almost every business. But this market is always changing. That's why it can be time consuming picking the right network, phones, and tariffs. A lack of research means you could end up with something great for the seller, but not right for you.

This is where Crimzon can help. We combine expert industry knowledge with access to all the major networks. Better yet, we take the time to assess what you want. Then advise on the phones, tariffs, and network to best suit your needs.

All of this is structured in the most cost-effective way. And we'll always ensure you know exactly what you're getting. Together with what price, with no surprises later down the line.

Rest assured, we’ll effectively manage your account throughout your time with us. With regular bill reviews, we'll be able to spot changing usage trends. We can also suggest tariff changes if you're being subject to excess charges. Along with offering cost saving advice as and when it’s needed.


You’ll also be pleased to know we take care of all the customer service aspects, too. Basically, we do all the hard work for you. Saving you precious time that you can use to run your business.

Simple tariff changes or bolt-ons are done in no time. As for the more complex billing disputes, they can take longer. But the beauty is that it’s our time (rather than yours). We’ll fight your corner and keep you updated every step of the way. 

This kind of dedication comes as standard, not extra. Because at Crimzon, it’s our ethos to look after our clients, keep them happy and keep them for the long term.


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‘Having been recommended to Crimzon by a mutual client we sent them our mobile bill for a free review. With a simple restructure of our tariffs, we were offered new rates which gave us more inclusive allowance and to my surprise our monthly charges were halved. I wish we had been introduced years ago. There were no pressure sales tactics, we proceeded with the recommendations because we wanted to.’

Nikki – Breedon Consulting

‘Nick and Claire knock spots off our previous mobile provider when it comes to looking after us. As a charity we rely on high quality experts to advise and support us and I would recommend Crimzon to anyone looking for the same.’

Lynne – Manchester Women’s Aid


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