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the future of business telephone systems

Internet-based phone calls at an affordable price


When your customers call, can they speak to the right person, first time? Even if that person is on the road or working from home?

Or what happens to your business when there's a line fault? Or a power fault or internet outage? Can you operate smoothly when this happens?

In the above scenarios, if your business isn't always accessible, we can help. Telephony is changing. On the 31st of December 2025, BT will switch off the analogue and digital network.

As a result, all calls will change to become internet based. The name of this service is VoIP. Or Voice over Internet Protocol. But the future is already here! At least as far as VoIP is concerned.

Meaning you can take advantage of the many benefits of VoIP now, not later.

The Crimzon Cloud Connect service is a VoIP telephone system packed with a host of great features. All of which transform the call handling efficiency of your workforce.


With the system hosted in the cloud rather than your office, you won’t have an expensive box on the wall. So, you can forget about the expense of keeping that maintained. And because VoIP runs calls through the internet, it doesn’t matter where you are, either. Provided you have power and internet access, your phones will work as normal. This means home and remote workers can operate efficiently, no matter their location.

Additionally, internet or power outages can’t disrupt your service. Because Crimzon Cloud Voice comes with a mobile application as standard. Bottom line, if the worst happens and your service goes down, your office extension is attached to a smart phone. Which offers instant back-up through the data network and means you won’t miss any important calls. 

Set up couldn’t be easier. We program call routing the way you want it. Then set up any hunt groups or auto attendants you might need. Plus, we’ll make the amendments you need throughout your contract. Whatever you want, we make everything simple. The phones are then shipped and ready to use. Simply plug them in, connect them to the internet and then watch them spring to life. 

We’ll also send you easy-to-follow user training guides. We’ve written these ourselves to make them as simple as possible. But if these aren’t enough, free virtual training can also be arranged to assist you even further.


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